Sunday, 31 July 2011

California's Paranormal Housewives

The business analyst, the Spanish professor, the homemaker and the others hang out at graves shaded by coastal pines or hotels haunted by rumours.

Super 8

It’s summer in the small town of Lillian, and Joe (Courtney) and his friends decide to make a zombie movie to enter into a film festival. When shooting one night, a train derails and a series of strange events begin to occur throughout town, courtesy of an alien creature that escaped from the train. Dogs and people go missing, the U.S. air force have taken over and the engines of cars mysteriously vanish. Can the kids find out what’s going on before their town is destroyed?

Ghost Hunter Purdy

Brian Purdy is the founder of Elite Vegas Paranormal Society, a Nevada-based paranormal investigation team that searches for evidence of ghost activity in buildings and homes.

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Monday, 25 July 2011

Ghost Nation

Ghosts have existed as a part of Society as far back as pagan times, but there have also been a number of changes to the belief system integrated into local communities.

Spirits of Pinfold

The three Spirits/Orbs/Entities photographed is typical of the Paranormal Activity in this area of Liverpool, at Pinfold.

The Dead Father is Found

For decades, Prof Sorpong Peou believed his father to be dead – executed by the Khmer Rouge. But a vivid dream and the insistence of a psychic have led the family to an emotional reunion in their home country, Cambodia.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Science to Bring the Dead Back

Dr Kevin Fong investigates a pioneering technique of extreme cooling that is being used to bring people back from the dead.

Back from the Dead Book

Extraordinary, true & factually documented cases from the book, Back from the Dead and 350 Other Stories of Amazing Luck by Steve Moore. Copyright © 1999 by John Brown Publishing/Fortean Times. Culled from newspaper reports around the globe.

The Back from the Dead Baby

After trying for 30 minutes to bring two-week-old Woody Lander back to life, doctors decided there was nothing more they could do and called in his parents to say their tearful farewells.
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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Crop Circles Explained?

Watch this full length documentary that delves deep into the topic of crop circles and how they are formed.

Mutants and Earth’s Future

Will Mankind get transformed into a generation of mutants in the future, after the recent advances in Science and Technology?
I have always been in awe of Superheroes and the X-Men are a fantastic team of heroes. A few of my favourite X-Men would be Wolverine, Angel, Storm and of course the all intelligent and all knowing Dr. Xavier. Read more..

The Mysterious Pyramids

I have always been in awe of the Pyramids of Egypt. The videos on this website are devoted to the study of the great Pyramids.
Who built these fantastic architectural marvels?

Monday, 11 July 2011

Paranormal Investigator seeks the Truth about the Unexplained

Goerman’s passionate devotion to the paranormal studies field has earned him a national and international reputation as an author and investigative scholar of the unknown and unexplained.

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New book on the Unexplained by Betty Krawczyk

If you are interested in the paranormal or have ever encountered something in your life you cannot explain, then read the book, “In This Dangerous Place” by Betty Krawczyk. Read more…

Xenoholics and Aliens- The comic book

There are people who are obsessed with Aliens. A new comic has been created about Xenoholics or people who can think about nothing else but Aliens. Read more