Monday, 27 May 2013

Oregon UFO Festival

The Oregon UFO Festival celebrates a flying saucer's appearance in the skies above McMinnville, Oregon, on May 11, 1950.

Water Witching

Dowsing or "Water-Witching" is an unexplained process in which people use a forked twig or wire to find missing and hidden objects.

UFO Expert Butch Witkowski

Aliens likely walk among us and the federal government won’t admit it, says Butch Witkowski, director of the Lancaster-based UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania.

Celebrity Ghost Stories

“Celebrity Ghost Stories” is told completely through first-person narrative by actors, musicians and personalities who believe they have experienced the other side.
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Santee UFO

A UFO was spotted flying over a haunted barn in Santee California.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Haunted Santa Cruz Mountains

The Santa Cruz mountains of central California are a hotbed of paranormal activity.According to numerous reports, these thickly-forested mountains are filled with haunted mansions, secret extraterrestrial bases, hidden bigfoot tribes, and mysterious gravitational vortexes....

Alabama's Ghost Town

Old Cahawba, which is often referred to as Alabama's ghost town, served as the first state capital from 1820 until 1826. A few decades later, the town was dismantled, unincorporated and abandoned....

Materialism and Ghosts

Discover the writers of supernatural tales and their views on materialism and ghosts..