Sunday, 11 November 2012

Hollywood Horror

If humour is a litmus test of the human experience, horror can't be far behind. Read more...

Haunted Ohio Book Series

The ability to see ghosts is something Chris Woodyard says she's had since childhood.Her paranormal-packed personality lured Woodyard to pen the "Haunted Ohio" book series, which chronicles the state's freakiest locations and spookiest tales.Read more..

Extra-Terrestrials Exist

UK based online retailer has conducted a survey in which 1,095 respondents were asked to what degree they believed certain creatures, theoretical beings and religious figures exist.Read more...

Robbie Williams Meets Alien Abductees

Robbie Williams pulled out of a ghost-hunting trip to speak to people who had been abducted by UFOs. Read more... 

Paranormal Activity in Savannah

For years, employees of Old Town Trolley Tours had bizarre experiences in a portion of the building where the Gribble house — the scene of the slayings — once stood. Read more...

Finding the Sasquatch

There’s two kinds of people in this world: Those who believe Bigfoot is real, and those who don’t. Idaho State University anthropologist Jeffrey Meldrum is firmly in the I Believe camp and he is taking to the skies, via blimp, in one of the most elaborate hunts yet to prove the doubters wrong.

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