Sunday, 31 August 2014

Robin Williams R.I.P.

The world mourned the death of the world famous comedian Robin Williams. Now it seems that the ghost of Robin Williams is haunting his house, by playing practical jokes, or so it seems...

Robin Williams R.I.P.

Ghost Python

This family thought their home was haunted, until the "ghost" turned into a slippery ten foot python.....
Courtesy: The Mirror

Quantum Ghosts

Scientists have created ghosts cameras. Quantum cameras capture ghost images by making use of two separate laser beams that have their photons entangled. Read more...

Ghosts of Stanley Hall

Was that a guest or a ghost? The latest news now is that Guests mingle with ghosts at the historic Stanley hotel.,20470360/

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Ghost Photos and Videos

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The Haunted Home of the Simpsons

A cameraman was scratched and burned by a ghost while filming a possessed Pennsylvania property according the the homeowners Deanna and Tom Simpson who have lived at the Maple Avenue, Hanover, home for seven years.

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Courtesy: Daily Mail

Friday, 8 August 2014

The Ghosts of Beauvoir

These paranormal investigators are ready to investigate the ghosts of Beauvoir. There are several groups of South Mississippians who claim that Beauvoir not only houses relics from Jefferson Davis' time on the Gulf Coast -- they say his family and Confederate soldiers still wander the grounds of the historic home.

Courtesy: Sun Herald

Hull's Underwear Stealing Ghosts

A lady who lives in Hull, was forced to move seven times, due to the presence of underwear stealing ghosts, who made her life quite a misery.

Courtesy: Hull Daily

Drink the Spirits of Celebrities

Now the finest distilleries have created Spirits named after ten dead celebrities. You can now drink a toast with a Marilyn Monroe Vodka or a Humphrey Bogart Gin, this weekend.

Courtesy: The Spirits Business

Twin Planets Discovered

The discoveries of twin planets, which are ten billion years old have boosted the possibilities of extra-terrestrial life.

UFO Artifact

The world is left wondering if this strange artefact actually fell out of a UFO as claimed by Bob White.

Courtesy: Skeptic

UFO over Germany

A strange looking triangular spacecraft was seen hovering over Germany. Watch the video and decide for yourself if it is real or a fake, as it leaves the experts baffled.

Courtesy: Huffington Post