Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Extra-Terrestrial Who Escaped area 51

Watch this historically significant account of Human/Extraterrestial contact that allegedly took place at the super-secret S4 facility located 12 miles south of Area 51.

Courtesy: Unexplained

Aliens Living on Earth!

Watch this amazing and eye opening documentary discussing the evidence and clues regarding the possible reality of Alien (Extraterrestial) habitation on Earth.

Courtesy: Unexplained

Life Inside the Matrix

Yes, it could be true. We could all be living inside a computer generated system like the Matrix. Now, a philosopher and team of physicists imagine that we might really be living inside a computer-generated universe that you could call The Lattice. There could be even a way to detect the presence of The Lattice.

Courtesy: Discovery News

Waverly Hills Ghost Story

The former sanatorium, Waverly Hills,  regularly tops “most haunted” rankings and has appeared on almost every ghost hunting show in America.

The Michigan UFO

UFO orb caught on security camera in Michigan twice this month.

Time Travel and Time Machines

Time Travel is possible according Colin Stuart, author of The Big Questions in Science.Travelling into the past is “difficult,” Stuart admits, and there is one, crucial, limitation - you cannot travel back beyond the point when the first time machine is invented.

Increase Your Life by Ten Years

This is an incredible talk by Jane McGonigal on how anyone can increase their life by Ten years. I just watched this talk on TED and really enjoyed it.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Celebrities and Extra Terrestrials

Stories about UFOs are top movie themes but some celebrities also believe in them and by extension, believe in aliens too. Read more...

Cornwall UFO Conference

OVER 100 UFO enthusiasts gathered from all over Cornwall to share their experiences at the annual conference of the county’s UFO group.

Courtesy: This is Cornwall

Paranormal Events of World War I

There is more evidence of paranormal events occurring in World War I. Read more...
Courtesy: UFO Digest

UFO in Minnesota

A science teacher was “dumbfounded” after spying something strange in the skies over Cass Lake, Minnesota. Read more..

UFO Hunters

Read the Interview with William Birnes of UFO Hunters and UFO Magazine.

Ghostly Tours

This year’s Historic Ghost Tour of Salem County is Oct. 18 and Nov. 1 beginning at Riverview Beach Park in Pennsville. For more information and tickets, visit

The Ghosts At Stewart Farm

The Haunted Stewart Farm in Surrey is under investigation by a Paranormal team of Investigators. Read more...