Sunday, 27 April 2014

Can the Paranormal Be Taught

A San Antonio School says that it can teach students about the paranormal in class.Is this really possible?
Courtesy: Fox 29

Ghost Tales

Read this great collection of ghostly tales.
Courtesy: Spiritual Living 360

Aiden Sinclair the Illusionist

Aiden Sinclair a paranormal illusionist scared a North Carolina news anchor by making her scream and jump up in fright.
Courtesy: My Fox 8

The Paranormal Ghost-buster Business

This family has started a Ghostbuster business which began as a hobby. The Cranfields of Nottingham are sensitive to all happenings related to the paranormal.
Courtesy: Nottingham Post

Paranormal Exeter

Some town workers of Exeter are convinced that spirits are lurking in the Exeter Parks and Recreation building, and now a team of paranormal investigators, a production crew and 15 local residents with little experience in ghost hunting are planning to take over the building for a pilot TV series to be called "Paranormal Reaction."
Courtesy: Sea Coast Online