Saturday, 27 June 2015

World UFO Day Festival In Memphis

The members of MUFON — the nonprofit Mutual UFO Network — are strong believers in UFOs and they will be hosting the first public World UFO Day Festival in Memphis.

Courtesy: The Commercial Appeal

The Triangle UFO Over New Jersey

‘Massive’ triangle UFO reported flying low over New Jersey town.

Courtesy: Open Minds TV

UFOs Over the Beach

There are so many UFO sightings made by Hotel guests at Ocean Sands Beach Inn Coastal Highway, Florida, USA, that the sightings are now recorded in a log-book.

Courtesy: Sunday Express

World UFO Day- 2 July 2015

Most of humanity believe in Extra-terrestrials, UFOs and the Unexplained. which is why this belief has led to the creation of World UFO Day on 2 July, an event set up in 2001 to commemorate the supposed UFO crash in Roswell in 1947.

Courtesy: International Business Times

UFO Spotted in India

An Indian boy Abhijit from Kanpur claims capturing 'perfectly disc shaped flying saucer' on camera.

Courtesy: International Business Times

Extra-Terrestrials Will Find Us

NASA is on the lookout for microbes and other extra-terrestrial life forms. However we could be found by Extra-terrestrials with advanced technology very soon. Read more...

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Image Courtesy: Collective Evolution

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Paranormal Dating website

Would you believe it? There is a Paranormal Dating website now. A Radio host launches the niche paranormal dating website.

The site asks you to “Find your match that shares an interest in the paranormal, science, life after death,ghost stories, Bigfoot, UFOs, alternative medicine and conspiracy theories.”

Courtesy: Openminds TV

Historical Paranormal Events

Here is an interesting list of Ten Paranormal events that changed the course of history.

Courtesy: What Culture

Kolkata's Ghosts

The De family of Robinson Street have triggered a craze about the paranormal in Kolkata and the rest of Bengal. the Paranormal Research Society is a city-based organization that is affiliated to the International Paranormal Society in the US.

Rightmoves Haunted Property

The Estate Agents Rightmove have a Poltergeist in their terraced three-bedroomed home in Toxteth, Liverpool. I am sure that there would be some paranormal enthusiasts who would enjoy the idea of living with ghosts.

Courtesy: Sunday Express