Sunday, 28 September 2014

Pope's Astronomer and Extra-Terrestrials

Pope's Astronomer Believes In Extra-Terrestrial Life, while the Pope Says Martians will be welcome to the Church. Read more...

Here Comes "Extra-Terrestrial"

Alien Abduction gets scary in 'Extraterrestrial' the new Horror Thriller movie. Watch the Trailer...

Peter Sacco on Hauntings

Peter Sacco is a psychologist who writes on a variety of topics, including haunting, spirit possession, and poltergeists. He has a unique perspective as both a psychologist and an investigator of these strange phenomena. Read more...

Courtesy: The Epoch Times

Amish Hauntings

There is a new television show which re-enacts the “Amish hauntings, " with a kid and a pig's head. Read more...


Boscobel Paranormal Tour

Join paranormal investigator Linda Zimmerman; author, police detective and paranormal investigator Mike Worden; and psychic and psychometrist Barbara Bleitzhofer as they lead groups on a ghost-hunting tour of historic Boscobel on Oct. 22 and 23, 2014. Read more...

Courtesy: The Journal News

Ghost in a Police Station

Police are investigating a ghost who has trespassed their police station in New Mexico. Read more....

Monday, 15 September 2014

Paranormal Conference- Winnipeg 2014

The Paranormal Conference in Winnipeg (Winnipeg Paracon 2014) will feature everything imaginable from UFOs to extra-terrestrials this weekend.

Courtesy: CBC News- Manitoba

Scottish Paranormal Festival

Stirling will host the first Scottish Paranormal Festival, from the 30 October to the 2 November 2014.The four day festival will feature exhibits and lectures on the paranormal, UFOs and extra-terrestrials.

Courtesy: BBC News

Paranormal Diaries

Win a copy of the free DVD on Paranormal Diaries: Clophill on DVD if you enjoy watching movies about real hauntings.

Paranormal Quad

Quad is offering a new exhibition on the supernatural over the next two months. The exhibits will feature a number of supernatural and paranormal phenomena.
Courtesy: Derby Telegraph

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Science Fiction and Reality

Is there any fact behind all the science fiction movies which we have seen over the years? Read more the find out if the truth is out there....

Best UFO Hot-Spots

Read the list of the ten best UFO hotspots in the world...
Courtesy: Radiotimes

The Truth about Extra-Terrestrials

We have always wondered if there was extra-terrestrial life, now the time has come to discover if the truth is out there....


Ghosts of Torbay

This week a pair of security guards captured what appears to be the image of a ghost in the area of Tappers Cove.

Ghost Believers

People all over the world still believe in ghosts. There are so many individuals and groups still investigating the paranormal globally, so there just has to be some truth in the existence of ghosts.

Courtesy: The Atlantic