Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Scary Ghost Pictures

Real ghosts? On the Ghost Pictures page, you will find lots of real scary pictures, interesting ghost pics and ghost images. Some of these scary ghost pictures have been tested by a number of paranormal and scientific investigators, only to come up with no answers or explanations. Read more...!Ol/

Ghost in the Kitchen

When a Toronto resident suspected his cat of getting into the kitchen cupboards at night, he set up a camera in the kitchen to find out once and for all. View the video..$7:AsAt0Drq/

Ghost Sighting

View the Asian ghost sighting video....$7:AsAt0Drq/

The Savannah Ghost Video

This home video was shot in a cemetery by a boy vacationing in Savannah, Georgia with his family. A childlike figure can be seen running across the cemetery in the distance. Read more...$7:AsAt0Drq/

UFOs from Texas to Moscow

Do these allegedly unexplained objects stand up to expert scrutiny? Is it possible that, among the thousands of videos taken by people, maybe there's one "smoking gun" UFO that's really from another planet? Read more...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Free Paranormal Stories- 4 Free Chapters

Enter a dark and thrilling world of dangerous magic and unforgettable romance. From an addictive vampire story set in a desolate future that will give Hunger Games fans their next pulse-racing adventure fix to a truly original historical tale with a unique fantasy twist, this collection from MIRA Ink is the perfect treat for paranormal lovers to sink their teeth into. With four FREE chapters from New York Times Bestselling authors Rachel Vincent and Julie Kagawa and up and coming paranormal stars Michelle Rowen and Kady Cross, it’s the perfect taste of our favourite YA fiction. ‘Katniss Everdeen better watch out,’ –Huffington Post on The Immortal Rules ‘Twilight fans will love it,’ –Kirkus reviews on My Soul to Take ‘Gorgeous angels, suspense and romance,’ – Richelle Mead, author of Vampire Academy on Dark Kiss ‘Kady Cross never disappoints,’ – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Monday, 18 June 2012

Debby Constantino Paranormal Expert

Here is another woman who will be at the Mid South Paranormal Convention, taking part in the Women in the Paranormal Workshop. Read a little bit about Debby Constantino! Read more..

"Fire Ball" Reports in America

Reports of orange colored or fireball-like objects over U.S. skies have been on the increase during the past year. Read more...

Ray Bradbury R.I.P.

UFO Digest Mourns the Death of Ray Bradbury.

Baltic Sea UFO

The so-called "Baltic Sea UFO" is in the news again this week after a research vessel returned to its co-ordinates and sent a team of divers down to the seabed for a closer look. Read more...

The Mystery of the "Walk-In" Soul

Are you a Walk-In? Has the soul you were born with been removed and replaced by a more advanced soul with a mission we can only dimly comprehend? Did you ever have a time in your life when you were severely depressed, only to suddenly be able to tap into a surprising flow of positive energy and newfound optimism? Read more...

Women and Alien Abductions

"I’m in the basement of a house where I once lived. I am lying on a table in the middle of the room. There was no table in the middle of this room so first of all, this was out of place and I recognize this immediately. I am unable to move and I see two female Beings beside me."... Read more..

Paranormal Activity in New Zealand

Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include reports that aliens may have visited New Zealand recently. Read more...

Gregory Harold's UFO Evidence

Gregory Harold has a most interesting case that took place in Florida that has often been overlooked by those in the field. Read more...

Video of "The Campfire" Alien

A video posted to YouTube claims to show an extraterrestrial alien lurking in the woods near unsuspecting campers gathering around a blazing fire. Is it fact? Or fiction? Read more...

UFO in Nebraska

An Omaha, Nebraska witness reports UFO activity on 17 June 2012 according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.Read more..

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Vampires in Bulgaria

Bulgarian archaeologists have unearthed centuries-old skeletons with iron rods through their chests - believed to have been victims of an old anti-vampire ritual. Read more...