Sunday, 30 June 2013

Flagstaff Crash Site

Lt. Arnold King flew into Mount Agassiz, killing all aboard -- himself, Lt. Conaway, Lt. Grim, Lt. Boyd, Corp. Gillem and Pfc. Morfeld. Such was the finding of the Army's official inquiry.

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Ghosts of Henrik Ibsen

Plan-B Theatre Company in partnership with Planned Parenthood Association of Utah presents a Script-In-Hand Series staged reading of Henrik Ibsen's GHOSTS in a new translation from the Norwegian by Eric Samuelsen

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150 Year Old Ghosts

The 150 year old Ghosts of Gettysburg are paid a visitby The Star Tribune.

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Ghosts of Gettysburg

The spots in Gettysburg with the most paranormal activity.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Secrets of the Super Moon

Supermoon Secrets: 7 Surprising Big Moon Facts you will be just amazed at reading.

Best Places for Viewing the Super Moon

Super Moon and Natural Disasters

The word supermoon was coined in 1979 by astrologer Richard Nolle.

Toronto's Haunted Spots

Although Toronto is not well known for being a haunted city, the city does have a few haunted locations worth visiting.


Bulldog Ghost Tours

One of Charleston’s grand old buildings once housed pirates from all over the world as well as the indigent, rambunctious, unruly sailors who needed a time out. The Old City jail was home to those who got in trouble for various crimes from pick pocketing and loitering to not paying taxes. This grim place also held Civil War Union POW’s and prior to the war, imprisoned slaves waiting to be auctioned.

The Haunted House Fire

The Junction police are awaiting forensic analysis to assist in determining the cause of a fire, which destroyed a so-called 'haunted house' in Rose Hall, South-east St Elizabeth

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Ghost Hunter Flees The Fife Tower

Gregor Stewart, who is a self-described “open-minded sceptic”, found a research trip to the Tolbooth Tower in Pittenweem too strange for comfort. read more...
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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Pfister Hotel Ghosts

Hauntings at the Pfister Hotel have tortured baseball players for at least a decade now. Many insist they have lost sleep before games because of strange noises in the night, and some have even resorted to leaving the team hotel and checking in elsewhere.

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

The Jamaica Observer made a survey to find out from people on the streets whether or not they believe in duppies or ghosts.

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Monday, 3 June 2013

Waverly Sanatorium

Ghost Hunters: Live From the Waverley Sanitorium

Paranormal Incident

The infamous Odenbrook Sanitarium closed after a mass suicide occurred within its walls. Sixty years later, six college students armed with cameras and recording equipment venture into the asylum to prove the existence of the paranormal. Thrills turn into nightmares as members of the group go missing without a sound, cell phones mysteriously vanish, corridors turn into mazes, walls appear where doors once stood, flashlights fail and something or someone begins toying with the group.

Days later, when five of the six friends turn up missing, the lone survivor must go through the recovered footage in order to clear his name and find out what happened to his friends.