Sunday, 30 March 2014

Paranormal Conference

Hundreds of paranormal enthusiasts are expected to converge in Butler County on April 5, exploring the great unknowns including Bigfoot, UFOs and ghosts.

Proving the Existence of the Paranormal

A growing number of scientists are calling for a shift in scientific methods to acknowledge phenomena commonly experienced but difficult to study according to conventional methods.

Courtesy: The Epoch Times

The New Hampshire Store Ghost

Is This Store Haunted? Ghost 'Experts' Investigate Paranormal Activity in New Hampshire Shop.

Courtesy: Christian Post

Lesley Wood Paranormal Instructor

In the first session of her psychic development class, instructor Lesley Wood introduced her small group of students to an assortment of topics ranging from ghost hunting to clairvoyance to spirit guides.

Courtesy: Mercury Lifestyle

Amy Bruni Ghost Hunter

Amy Bruni offers advice for new paranormal investigators.

Courtesy: Examiner

Thursday, 13 March 2014