Thursday, 19 June 2014

The NASA Extra-Terrestrial Communication Book

NASA has released a new book on communicating and understanding how Extra-terrestrial communications would work in the future.

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Twenty Years To Find Extra-Terrestrials

An Astronomer has informed Congress that it will be possible to find extraterrestrials in 20 years.

Larry Coudriet and The Extra-Terrestrials

Larry Coudriet holds a mechanical engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University and he will talk about the experiences he said he encountered during a June 26 discussion in Sewickley Public Library.

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Musicians and Ghosts

There are at least six musicians who have seen ghosts and have hired ghost hunters to solve the problems of ghosts in haunted mansions. Demi Lovato, Kesha and Susan Boyle are just a few of the musicians with a ghost in their life...

Ghost of Alcatraz

A British Tourist couple claim to have photographed a figure of a ghost in the prison of Alcatra with their iphone. There have always been rumours of ghostly sightings, but is this concrete evidence of the presence of ghosts in Alcatraz?

Ghostly Webcomic Agnes Quill

Astronaut Academy creator Dave Roman writes each of the stories, about a Victorian girl who sees Ghosts, an ability inherited from her Grandfather in the new webcomic Agnes Quill.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Chief Golden Light and Extra- terrestrials

Chief Golden Light Eagle tells of his experience meeting extraterrestrials (Star People.)

Extra-Terrestrials Undercover

In a gripping testimonial, an ailing former member of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has talked via video for the first time publicly about his experience dealing with extraterrestrials, their craft and a cover-up.

Paranormal New Jersey

The Paranormal New Jersey Society do a lot of interesting work and research. The members of the New Jersey Paranormal, a paranormal research and investigation group, gather evidence at the Caldwell Parsonage House in Union, NJ, on Saturday, May 17, 2014. Read all about their exciting discoveries and their work.

South Africa's Ghost Hunters

In Pretoria, South Africa, the Gauteng Paranormal Society (GPS) paranormal team gather solid evidence of the paranormal, the GPS uses electromagnetic field (EMF) meters, digital video and still cameras, night vision telescopes, digital audio recorders and laptop computers.


Spooked, the new paranormal comedy, is a  four-episode weekly web series follows a ragtag group of ghost hunters who team up to form the Paranormal Investigation Team (P.I.T.) and investigate supernatural happenings across the country.  

Paranormal Festival

The Scottish Paranormal Festival, is scheduled to take place in Stirling over Halloween. The festival, which runs from 31 October to 2 November, is being organised by Peter Broughan, the film producer behind Rob Roy and The Flying Scotsman.

Paranormal Research or Psuedoscience

Is paranormal research a pseudoscience? According to scientists the paranormal is associated too closely to religion and so scientist prefer to call it a pseudoscience.

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Making the Paranormal Believable

Can you make others believe in paranormal events? According to modern psychology, there is a way in which you can convince others to believe in the paranormal.